• Mobile Solutions

    Whether it’s networking, synching or safety TechAvenue helps manage your technology performance while on the go

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  • Office Management

    We are your hands-on support when needed, don’t let the management of your technology take away from your productivity time. Let us focus on your systems with 24/7 monitoring & alerts so you can focus on managing your business.

    Learn More!
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  • Fully Managed IT Systems

    Monitoring and reviewing systems, focusing on specific outcomes such as improved timescales, turnover, output, sales, etc.

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  • Upgrades, Installs & Repairs

    TechAvenue technicians are ready to update, install and repair computer hardware, software, and office machines. Click on “schedule appointment” now to get help

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  • Website Development

    Increase online awareness of your brand’s products and services. We specialize in developing, launching, and marketing a brand’s online presence.

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  • Music and Home Theater Solutions

    Ensure you get the most from your home entertainment systems Let us help you hook up, network or troubleshoot your high tech gadgets and gizmos

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  • Digital Security

    Rising digital data sharing and transactions increase dangers of security breaches and theft. Protect your identity and assets online with the assistance of TechAvenue.

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  • Data Back-Up Solutions

    Save time searching for files or recovering lost data. Let TechAvenue simplify and protect your set-up with data organization, archiving, back-up and recovery support

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Tech Support Services & Data Recovery

TechAvenue provides reliable Computer Technical Support services for Home & Business | On-Site & Remote for Mac/PC
in Los Angeles to Atlanta & OTHER NEIGHBORING AREAS.

About Us

Businesses and individuals are relying on computers, the Internet, mobile devices, and other technologies now more than ever. They are constantly challenged with “keeping up” with the changes and advancement of technology in order to maintain efficiency in their operations. It is not realistic for business owners, staff, and individuals to take on these challenges on their own. TechAvenue can be your new resource for technical help to eliminate stress and problems as well as provide reliable solutions for your technology needs. All technicians are from some of the most widely recognized tech support companies in the industry. Each one is selected for their solid understanding of technology and problem-solving skills. The entire staff is trustworthy, dedicated, and reliable.

We provide cost effective solutions and apprise clients of the work done in an easy to understand way.

Tech issues can slow down productivity

Our Service will produce the following results…

Maximize Productivity

Maximize Reliability

Minimize Cost!!!

2 Questions:

Are you using computers and mobile devices in your daily operations?
Are there times where you wished you had someone to call for help?

Get help quickly with our Internet-based remote support. Call us and one of our friendly staff will walk you through the simple process of accessing your computer. We can often quickly identify and fix your problems while on the phone.

Our team’s credentials and specializations include

apple support - techavenue
  • Microsoft Certifications
  • Server Administration
  • Apple Certifications
online security small - techavenue
  • A+ Certifications
  • Network Administration
  • Wireless Networking
microsoft support - TechAvenue
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Performance Optimization
  • Website Design


When you have a problem with your computers or mobile devices call us or send an email to support@techavenuellc.com. We also have a contact form through our website that allows you to submit help requests online and you will get help within 24-48 hours to schedule an onsite or remote session to solve your problems. We have designed our services to make helping our customers easy and prompt. Don’t pull your hair out trying to fix problems yourself contact TechAvenue today. We can HELP!!

We Make IT Simple

We know your interactions with your technology, is becoming as personal has visiting a doctor, lawyer, mechanic or even your beautician. So here at TechAvenue you can rely on our consultants to collectively get to know you and your company and personalize solutions just for you. We are like having your own IT Support department, but without the overhead.

tech support cloud solutions

IT Services

Refreshingly Different

TechAvenue specializes in personal and business technology support services for individuals, executives and staff in small to medium size enterprises.  We offer a personalized, professional experience – making sure you’re serviced right from the first call.

Fix and Repair Support When You Need It

Get help fast with our Internet-based remote support. Call us and one of our friendly technicians will walk you through the simple process of accessing your computer. In many cases, we can quickly diagnose and fix your problems. We also provide rapid onsite service when required. Technician’s available on-demand to get the support you need.

Fully Managed IT Services

Let us manage your IT, so you can focus on your business. Our all-inclusive, on-going maintenance plans give your business the assurance of enhanced productivity from reduced downtime.

24/7 System Monitoring

Our 24/7 Monitoring Service proactively maintains your systems by alerting us automatically of potential issues before they happen.

Core IT Services

Is your computer moving slowly, groaning in pain and dragging its feet? It could have picked up a virus or other type of malware while you were surfing in cyberspace. With a spin through your hard drive, we’ll identify and correct the problem.

Want to break your Ethernet shackles and embrace wireless?  Having issues getting connected to a wireless router? Maybe you just need it secured? We can help get a new or existing network up and running, and confirm proper system security to protect your personal information from prying eyes.

Is your data randomly saved all over the place?  We can help get that straightened out and guide the development of future filing systems to guarantee data is in its proper locations.

Do you have more than one device… iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC… and more? Are all those tools in sync? We can help get everything on the same page, no matter which device you have on hand.

Over 200 billion emails are sent each day! Do you feel overloaded by the number that land in your in box? Let us teach you how to manage your account like the pros. We’ll share strategies about reading and processing email effectively, so that you can be more productive.

Away from the office?  Need access to either your files or computer? We can help setup a solution where you never have to worry about not having access to anything.  Everything will be an internet connection away.

Ensure you get the most from your home entertainment system.  We’ll hood up, network, and troubleshoot your high tech gadgets and gizmos.  Your job?  Sit back, relax, enjoy.

iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL… etc. Too many accounts means your contacts and calendar could be all over the place. Don’t let that happen We can help!

Whether it’s a lightning bolt or a spilled cup of coffee, you never know when your computer is going to get fried. Take preventative action to keep all data safe and secure.

Does your business need an exchange service? If so, we can direct your business in the direction that works best for you.

We will hook you up. Schedule an appointment and one of our technicians will come to your location to setup any Mac or PC. We can service most major brands and can handle almost any computer-related repair whether it’s under warranty or not.

Have hard drive problems?

Missing data?

Don’t know where to turn?

We can help. We’re partnered with Salvage Data as a local “Authorized Reseller” to offer fast and certified secure data recovery.  Click on the banner below and we’ll walk you through the process of getting that most critical data from the failing storage device and back on your computer.

Data Recovery | Salvage Data | TechAvenue

We’re delighted to have happy clients


I’ve been using TechAvenue for over 5+years, they’re extra reliable, dedicated, trustworthy, and consistent. They have saved my company countless times and money, above all, I appreciate them going the extra mile for us. They have great customer service, knowledgeable and very patient, try them you won’t regret it.

Client Photo for Reviews (7) - TechAvenue

Brooks and the TechAvenue is one of the most reliable tech service providers that I’ve ever used. Mr. Brooks was introduced to me at the inception of my business and has been a lifesaver on numerous occasions. As a creative agency, I can’t afford to be down for any length of time, and on a moment’s notice, Brooks or a representative from The BrooksGroup has come to my aid.  I’ve recommended The BrooksGroup to a variety of corporate and individual clients and they’ve all been pleased with the service that they received.  

Client Photo for Reviews (12) - TechAvenue

Simply put I absolutely adore Brooks, he’s the best!

Client Photo for Reviews (15) - TechAvenue

Very knowledgeable, dependable, and patient. As a former Geek squad and apple consultant, he is familiar with all types of electronic devices and software. I’ve used him for over 8 yrs and referred him to many happy clients. Don’t even think about using anyone else!

Client Photo for Reviews (16) - TechAvenue

“There are a number of aspects to Brooks’ service that stand out; timeliness, dedication, ease, technical knowledge, and dependability – but two really jump to the head of the line.  He’s a great teacher.  He’s a real gentleman.  Make that three – he’s a lot of fun.”

Client Photo for Reviews (11) - TechAvenue

I just want to send a special thanks to TechAvenue for the fine service you have provided me and my mother. When I have a PC problem it’s a good feeling to know I have a service I can rely on for a fast turnaround and knowing that the problem will be handled in the most professional way. Your knowledge of being able to dissect the problem quickly and provide additional information for better maintenance of my computer is greatly appreciated.

Client Photo for Reviews (3) - TechAvenue
Mr. Brooks of TechAvenue has provided technical support to my church and home for several years.  His knowledge and professionalism are unsurpassed.  His troubleshooting ability gets him to to the root of the problem immediately.  Options are discussed prior to repair for the best possible solution resulting in what’s best for the customer, technologically and financially.  A company with integrity and trustworthiness.
Client Photo for Reviews (13) - TechAvenue
You have saved my life, time and time again. you are very smart and most of all kind and caring thank you for everything.
Client Photo for Reviews (5) - TechAvenue
I’m sitting here on this beautiful Sunday afternoon enjoying the perfectly balanced sounds of music filling my house. Just want to thank you again for pulling it together for me!!
Client Photo for Reviews (4) - TechAvenue

Brooks came highly recommended by business contacts in LA for issues with a client’s home network in West Hollywood. He was super responsive, timely, and went above and beyond actually resolving the issue at hand. While I was on-site at this client’s location for a short period of time, he was able to scope out, diagnose and make solid recommendations for changes to the current network setup. Not only were redundancies and inefficiencies discovered in the client’s network but a severed hardwire connection was also uncovered to further repair the system. The revamped and upgraded network is still in place for my client over two years later; as a result, I have continued to call on Brooks’ expertise upon my return to the East Coast. An excellent and professional technology consultant whether local or cross-country!

Client Photo for Reviews (9) - TechAvenue

From my 1st meeting with Leibert, he was exceptional. A computer expert, he is fast, reliable, extremely knowledgeable, quickly diagnosing the technical problem with my computer, and always makes practical recommendations for repairs and upgrades. I highly recommend him for your computer solutions.

Client Photo for Reviews (6) - TechAvenue

Brooks promptly came to our home and had our internet working better than it has in a long time.  We had not been getting the bandwidth we were paying for and he fixed that problem along with getting the signal all the way out to our guest house. Brooks is very nice, respectful, and knowledgeable in his field of expertise. So glad we met him.

Client Photo for Reviews (2) - TechAvenue

After having an internet connectivity emergency, we contacted a number of potential companies in an effort to solve the issue. Right away we noticed something different about TechAvenue in the way they addressed our concern and endeavored to ameliorate the issue expediently. The service was prompt and our problem was solved within two hours of their arrival. I do not normally fill out reviews like this but I am so grateful for the help that I wished to do so. I recommend them highly

Client Photo for Reviews (1) - TechAvenue

Maintenance tips for Computers

System & Data Backups

    • If you do not have a backup system, consider purchasing a portable back up hard drive.
    • Check your scheduled “backup” scheme to see if it is still applicable. Add folders and files to be backed up as necessary.
    • Test the restore function for the backed up files to ensure the restore works properly. Create a folder on you computer and restore your back up to the folder. Afterwards, delete the test folder.

Anti Virus, Spyware, and Malware Protection

    • Confirm “Automatic Update” settings are set properly (applied at least weekly or as available).Confirm that applicable updates have been applied and that you have current versions and updates for all products. You may need to visit the vendor site for details.
    • Confirm that your software licenses are current (if applicable).
    • Run complete virus and anti-spyware scans on all drives. This should be done on a weekly basis.


    • Review settings for product configurations. Confirm settings are appropriate for the current level of security needed.
    • Review firewall settings to ensure they are configured for automatic updates (if available), known applications are allowed, known inappropriate sites are blocked and known port scans are blocked.
    • Confirm that the firewall is updated and that the license is current (if applicable).

Internet Browser

    • Review current zone settings (Tools/Internet Options/Security tab) for appropriate levels. The minimum level of security should be the default level which is set at Medium-High for the Internet zone. Adjustments can be made based on your needs.
    • Confirm “Automatic Update” settings for your browser are set properly (applied at least weekly or as available).

Operating System

    • Confirm that the “Automatic Update” settings are set properly (applied at least weekly or as available). Confirm that Applicable updates (Critical, Important) have been applied to your operating system (Settings/Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs and click Show updates).
    • Remove old System Restore Points – Use Start/Control Panel/System/System Restore tab, check “Turn off System Restore” box to remove all restore points except the most recent.
    • Remove unneeded programs and “trial” programs. Go to Settings/Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs to uninstall a program.

Hard Disk Drive Maintenance

    • Scan your Hard Disk for errors. In Windows Explorer select the drive then right click-Properties/Tools/Check Now/. Check “Automatically fix file system errors” and “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.”
    • Defragment your Hard Disk Drive. The data on your hard drive can get separated or fragmented making your computer less efficient. Defragmenting physically reorganizes the data to store the pieces of each file close together for more efficient storage and retrieval. In Windows Explorer select the drive then right click-Properties/Tools/Defragment Now.
    • Remove old files and emails on your PC. Remember to empty the “Recycle Bin” or “Deleted Items” (Outlook) folders.
    • Clean up your disk to remove cookies, temp files, cache, and history files. Go to Start/Program/Accessories/System Tools/Disk Cleanup.

Have & Mac and Wondering about Maintenance??

    • Clean, optimize, and maintain your Mac with an all-new CleanMyMac 3. It scans every inch of your system, removes gigabytes of junk in just two clicks, and monitors your Mac’s health.

Want more Tips?

Technology does not have to be worrisome if you have the proper systems in place to maintain the upkeep of your devices. We’re committed to helping you have a smooth experience with you in the event that anything happens.

Contact Us


We are delighted to help solve any of your tech support needs during our business hours

Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm
Saturday: 10am to 2pm (By appointment Only)
Sunday: Closed

Emergency after hours: We know tech problems can be unpredictable, and inconveniently timed after business hours.  Just send us an email or call message, and we’ll contact you within 24hrs.

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