TechAvenue Group LLC. (hereinafter “TechAvenue”) agrees to perform service with respect to equipment covered by this agreement in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

  1. This agreement covers Labor for adjustments, repair and replacement of parts as necessitated by normal use of the equipment, except as hereinafter provided damage to the equipment or its parts arising out of misuse, abuse, negligence, or causes beyond TechAvenue’ control are not covered. In addition, TechAvenue may terminate this agreement in the event the equipment is modified, damaged, altered or serviced by personnel other than those employed by TechAvenue or if parts, accessories or components not authorized by TechAvenue are fitted to the equipment.
  1. Necessary service calls preformed during normal business hours, meaning 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday-Friday exclusive of holidays, are included in the contract.
  1. Under the terms of this agreement, customer will be entitled to: unlimited labor & transportation. All computer and copier Parts are excluded.
  1. This agreement shall not apply to any equipment which ceases to be at the customer location described on reverse side hereof or is damaged through accident, abuse, misuse, theft, neglect, acts of third parties, fire, water, casualty or any other natural force.
  1. Specification changes, alterations, boards or attachments are not covered in the agreement. Such changes shall become effective upon notice to costumer by TechAvenue. TechAvenue also reserves the right to terminate this Agreement by notice to costumer, if TechAvenue determines that such changes, alterations or attachments make it impractical for TechAvenue to continue to service the equipment.
  1. This agreement is not assignable or transferable by customer without prior written consent of TechAvenue.